Artist statement

I was born in Kyoto and grew up feeling close to traditional Japanese culture.In Japan, digital video cameras for home use were released in the year I entered university, I was blessed with the environment and timing of studying works using digital technology. By using modern techniques, I would like to draw a big world seen from the viewpoint of people living today.

Artist, video, photo, interactive installation.


Solo exhibitions

2004,2005 Art Space NIJI, Kyoto
2010,2015,2017 Gallery 16, Kyoto

Group exhibitions

2000 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo‚
2004 Art Court Gallery, Osaka‚
2004 Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka‚
2005 Selected Artists in Kyoto 2005,The Museum of Kyoto‚
2006 Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka‚
2007 Art Space SAGA,Kyoto‚
2007 Kobe biennale 2007,Kobe‚
2008 Art Court Gallery, Osaka‚
2008 Asia Art Festival,Zhengzhou China‚
2009 International Intermedia Exhibition,Seoul Korea‚
2009 Kobe biennale 2009,Kobe‚
2011 Kobe biennale 2011,Kobe‚
2011 Renaissance -Kyoto, an Image and Media art,Kyoto Art Center‚
2013 Kagoshima Art Festa 2013,Kagoshima Prefectural Citizens Exchange Center‚
2014 Selected Artists in Kyoto 2014,The Museum of Kyoto‚
2015 Selected Artists in Kyoto 2015,The Museum of Kyoto‚
2015 Kobe biennale 2015,Kobe Higashi Yuenchi‚
2015 Out of Place 2015, Daikaku-ji Kyoto‚
2016 DAS SCHLOSS -For the truth lost in advance, Gallery 16, Kyoto‚
2016 the Dream of vanishing, la Galer√≠a ‚ÄúFernando Vilchis‚Äù del Instituto de Artes Pl√°sticas de la Universidad Veracruzana, M√©xico‚
2017¬†the Garden of Rebirth, Modern Art Museum Shanghai‚
2018¬†Art Meets Winter, Kyoto‚
2019 KYOTO STEAM zoo project


2005 Selected Artist in Kyoto 2005, Excellent prize winning‚
2015 Selected Artist in Kyoto 2015, Grand prize winning‚
2015 Kyoto City New Artist’s Award 2015