Artist statement

Human beings have been decorating for a long time. Decorations are especially common in religious places. If you invasion a microscopic cell as a pattern and look into inside life, you will notice that there are breathtaking beautiful decorations. So I suspect that human beings intuit a connection between decorations and the patterns of life.

The progress of artificial intelligence, humanoid and biotechnology, allows us to feel the birth of a new life that transcends humanity. That then questions what makes human beings alive arises. If I dive into the Internet world while predicting the arrival of a future that does not require a physical body, I will be attacked by a sense that I might lose my existence. I want to draw the manmade technology that we cannot live without as a way of depicting the contemporary life force. I want to shake your sense by a visual device that I drew and you will feel that you “are” here now.

Satomi Kashio


SATOMI KASHIO, born 1984

Work Experience

2018 Community-reactivating cooperator squad in Hokkaido
2017 Lecturer (part-time)  in Kyoto City University of Arts
2012-2017 Assistant Professor in the Department of Design at Okayama Prefectural University 


2011-2012 Dyeing Studio at Kanazawa Utatsuyama Craft Workshop
2010 M.A. Textile Design Area, Master’s Degree Course of Tama Art University
2008 B.A. Textile course, Department of Craft, Kanazawa College of Art


2016 The 17th Okayama Arts and Culture Award[Grand Prix]
2014 The 7th Mr.I Award for Development of Rising Artists, Okayama[Encouragement Prize]
2012 The 68th Kanazawa Crafts Exhibition[Nominee](’11)
2008 The 40th Mainichi/DAS Student Design Award[Textile Category Prize]
2007 The 4th Snow Design Competition[Nominee]

Solo Exhibition

2017 “KASHIO Satomi Solo Exhibition” Kurashiki City Art Museum, Okayama
2016 “Particle” FUKIAGE Museum of Art, Okayama
2015 “APERTO 02 KASHIO Satomi Something That Dwells Inside Life” 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Ishikawa
2014 “KASHIO Satomi Solo Exhibition” HISHIO – Centre for Cultural Exchange, Okayama
2012 “FUCTORY” Gallery TEN, Ishikawa (’09, ’10, ’11)
2012 “float” cifa, Okayama
2010 “KASHIO Satomi Solo Exhibition” ANOTHER FUBCTION, Tokyo
2009 “KASHIO Satomi Solo Exhibition” SENBIKIYA Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibition

2019 “Enjoy the Exhibition with the Fivesenses Menome Tenome Kokoronome part 2”
          Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art, Okayama
2018 “The 8th Okayama Prefectural Mr.I Deveropment of Rising Artists Award Exhibition” Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art, Okayama
2016 “Sense and sensibility of Japanese creations” museo tecnológico de monterrey, Mexico
2013 “Okanoya Ryokan Project 2013” Former Okanoya Ryokan, Okayama
2013 “Some Plus: the tales of SOME around us” Some Seiryu Museum of Art, Kyoto
2012 “textile present” Akibatamabi21, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo