Japan, even under outside influences, is clearly rooted in a strong ancient culture. ART in all forms is a visible manifestation / interpretation of a country's culture and soul. With this exhibition we will take a little look at how two very different countries' artists work based on each one's backgrounds. 

The title of the exhibition  ‘間 MELLEMRUM’(space, gab, in-between) can be interpreted quite concretely; as artists and works that are separated by walls.
Or the artists can interpret the subject freely; as a distance, for example, between the two cultures, between artist and viewer, between people, the viewer as spaces, or as voids, openings, intervals, breaks, distinctions ..…

間 Mellemrum shows the artists' different interpretation of the subject.
How much influence do the different cultural backgrounds have on it? What are the differences and similarities? Is 'art' a universal language?
In addition to experiencing the works and interpretations of the individual artists, the audience can also actively participate in an experiment in one of the rooms.

The exhibition takes place in Kunsthus Annaborg, which is managed by Hillerød Kunstforening. The house is beautifully located at the entrance to Frederiksborg Castle surrounded by a garden in which also come works by some of the exhibiting artists. 


OBS p.g.a. coronasituationen er denne festival også flyttet til april/maj – mere info følger.

In connection with the exhibition, a Danish / Japanese cultural festival will be organized, which will form the background for the exhibition itself. 

Japan celebrates arts and culture with a national holiday ”Bunka no Hi ”(Culture Day), which celebrates the many facets of cultural life every year on November 3rd. We take this opportunity for a longer Danish version.
"BUNKA", which we have called the festival, finder sted i Hillerød i hele udstilllingsperioden.
The festival is organized as an umbrella event - where everyone with relevant topics regarding Japanese or Danish Japanese-inspired art and culture can arrange events and happenings, all over Hillerød.  

The festival shows, through events and happenings, different sides of traditional and modern Japanese culture and the influence our different culture has had on each other. Music, lectures, pop culture, literature, crafts, science, philosophy, sports ……

The projects are a collaboration between several parties and organizers throughout the city of Hillerød.

See more www.bunka.dk


who's behind

The initiative for the exhibition and festival comes from the duo Helga Jensen and Yuko Takada Keller, who for nearly 20 years have worked together on many major and minor art and cultural projects.

See photos from some of their previous joint projects….



helga jensen

helga jensen

Initiator, curator

 My driving force is to use the language of art to break normal barriers. And use cultural events to get people out of their habitual framework, to gather in a different setting, than the ones we usually end up in. I think it is important to examine both that and those who are different from what we know - because in this way we learn who we are, ourselves.  

cv helga jensen  

yuko takada keller

yuko takada keller

Consultant, artist

Japanese artist who has lived in Denmark since 1997. Exhibits in Denmark, other European countries and Japan. Curated exhibitions for Japanese artists in Denmark and Danish and co-organizer of exhibitions and concerts during his exhibitions. She also participates as one of the Japanese artists at this exhibition.


hillerød kunstforening

hillerød kunstforening

Hillerød Kunstforening is located in Annaborg Art House.
Since 1984 Hillerød has had an art association, currently approx. 9 exhibitions annually. The association also organizes excursions, art visits and art evenings. The association currently has approx. 300 members. And many visitors.
Hillerød Kunstforening makes Annaborg available for this exhibition, and is part of the collaboration around both the exhibition and the cultural project Bunka.



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Monday closed


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DK – 3400 Hillerød



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