Carl Emil Carlsen (1982) is an independent artist who explores computation as a means of creating sensory experiences. Most of his installation and performance works employ various sorts of mixed reality techniques to integrate virtual simulations into physical environments. In this hybrid space, his works unfold interactively, always generating new variations of synthetic patterns, form, motion and behaviour. Carl Emil has contributed to the interactive art scene since 2003 and has received multiple grants from the Danish Arts Foundation for his productions. Most recently, his work has been featured at the Ars Electronica, CPH:DOX, Cph Stage, Nikolaj Kunsthal and Click Festival.



2008  MA @ Interactive Media, Design School Kolding.

Selected Performances
2019  Nordic Fractals @ Klang Festival, Koncertkirken.
2019  Silicium 04 @ CPH Stage, Pakhus 11.
2019  Silicium – Primordial @ CPH:DOX, Kunsthal Charlottenborg.
2018  Silicium 04 @ Ars Electronica, Lentos Art Museum.
2018  Silicium 04 @ Click Festival, The Culture Yard.
2017  Silicium 03 @ Click Festival, The Culture Yard.
2016  Silicium 02 @ Click Festival, The Culture Yard.
2015  Silicium 01 @ Click Festival, The Culture Yard.
2014  Flight @ Naesus 3, Tycho Brahe Planetarium.

Selected Exhibitions
2016 Colony 02 @ Hybrid Matters, Nikolaj Kunsthal.
2015 Silicium 02 (Screening) @ ARTE/SCIENZA/BIOTECNOLOGIA, Palazzo Costanzi.
2015 Synaesthetic Experiments @ Urban Collection, Digital Interactive Art Space (DIAS).
2014 Seasonal Skin @ Click Festival, The Culture Yard.
2014 Has-Been Trash Bin @ Art Hack Day, Transmediale.
2011 Colony 01 @ Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), Nikolaj Kunsthal.
2009 Life-Like @ Notch, Sanlitun Village.
2009 Infested Area @ KURS The Lake, Sorø Kunstmuseum.
2008 Metasyn @ Total Action, Museum of Contemporary Art.
2008 Nerve @ eARTS, Feng Shui Omniscience Stage.
2008 Nerve @ SPOR Festival, Århus Musikhus.
2007 Lightbender 02 @ Sound Around, Københavns Musikteater.
2007 Lightbender 01 @ Social Aktion, Museum of Contemporary Art.

Selected Guest Lecturing
2014-2019 Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID)
2010-2017 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
2008-2017 Design School Kolding
2012-2013 Sonic College

Selected Consulting (2012-2019)
The Culture Yard, Vertigo, The Alexandra Institute, Makropol, Ustwo, Danish Technical University (DTU), Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), Dark Matters and Yoke.